Garden Maintenance Minus The Hassle

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HATE How Your Garden Looks Right Now?

Don’t Let The Mess – Mess You Up! Get Your Gorgeous Garden Back!

Your garden is often the first thing you’d see when you get home, the first thing your friends and family see when they come over for a visit. If you have kids, that’s where they’d play. Won’t it be best if it was in the best looking, best condition it can be?

Although it doesn’t have to look anything like the top 10 gardens of the world, it should at least look decent, clean and well-maintained.

Take a good look at how your garden looks like right now. Do you notice the following?

  • Are unsightly weeds growing uncontrollably all over?
  • Are your hedges and brushes overgrown and out of shape?
  • Is your lawn grass reaching past your ankles?
  • Are dead leaves and small branches strewn all over your yard?
  • Are tree branches overhanging outside your property?
  • Is your lawn damaged from heavy foot traffic, pests or other causes?

Don’t feel guilty or embarassed, it’s not your fault. Life does get busy and we get that not many people have the time, energy or patience to upkeep a garden. It’s really time consuming, back-breaking hard work! You may not even have the neccessary tools, equipment and experience to get the job done.

With our comprehensive garden maintenance package you will get the ‘gorgeous’ back into your garden without you having to lift a finger or breaking a sweat.

Depending on how much work is needed, before the day is done, you can expect to see  :

  • All creepy crawlies and pesky weeds removed

  • Lawn moved to perfection

  • Hedges, shurbs and bushes beautifully trimmed

  • Usightly leaves, debris and rubbish raked up and disposed off

  • Your garden mulched (if you require)

  • We can even lay a new turf for you

  • Small trees and overhanging branches lopped and removed

  • ALL green waste & rubbish taken off your property (never to be seen again)

How does this sound? Good? Read on…

Who is this service good for?

  • Those who have neglected their gardens for a while and everything is now overgrown and in pretty bad shape.
  • Deceased estates that need a good cleaning up and clearing out to get it ready for sale or rent.
  • End of lease properties that need a good clean up and clear out for the next tenant.

We are among one of the leading garden maintenance service providers in Perth and are skilled at restoring badly neglected gardens.  We’re deeply committed to providing exceptional services to our clients using state of the art equipment to achive an efficient and cost-effective solution for you.

You can be assured of quality, reliability and promptness backed by our rock-solid customer satisfaction guarantee.

Here are some common questions we get that we hope will help :

Do you do general lawn mowing? 2018-07-20T05:09:23+00:00

No we don’t offer just a lawn mowing service however if we were doing a yard/garden clean up we can also mow the lawn if it’s required as a once off as part of the yard clean up.

Do you provide a regular on going gardening service ? 2018-07-20T05:14:48+00:00

No. It’s important to know that we are not gardeners. People generally use us as a once-off service to restore their yard or garden back to its former glory from neglect and overgrowth.

I have had tenants in one of my rentals properties that have left the yard completely over grown and rubbish everywhere. Are you able to help with this? 2018-07-20T05:16:22+00:00

Definitely, we can have our team come out and completely strip your yard or garden back to how it should be and we will also remove the green waste and any rubbish from your property.

Daniel is a very hard worker I would definitely recommend him to anyone he takes pride in what he does I will definitely be using him again

Chris Panagopoulos

A well-maintained garden will enhance the beauty of your whole property (and attract you tons of compliments)

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