‘Kick-Ass’ Yard Cleaning Service

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OK, we agree that it might be slightly exaggerated but if it closely resembles this, then something needs to be done.


Finding the time, energy and motivation to give your yard a good clearing and tidying up can sometimes be next to impossible. The mere thought of getting into your ‘yard clothes’ for hours and hours of back-breaking hard work is enough to convince you not to begin.

But get done, it must as no one’s yard should even remotely look this way. It’s an eye sore and invites unwanted pests and to put it bluntly…devalues your home. ?

Your home deserves a yard that’s clean, tidy, organised and one you’d be embarrased proud to show off. WA Site Clean offers a comprehensive range of services to restore your yard to its former glory.

Here’s what you can expect to receive from our service

  • Rake up dead leaves & branches

  • Remove all green waste and rubbish

  • Rid your yard of unwanted weeds

  • Mow your lawn to perfection

  • Remove renovator and builder’s waste (such as rubble, bricks, concrete, soil, glass, timber, tile, pavers and metals, etc)

  • Lop small trees and overhanging branches

  • Trim back hedges and shrubs

  • We can lay a new turf for you

  • We can also mulch your yard

We’ve done heaps of yard cleans and with our experience and the necessary equipment and tools at our disposal, we will get it done for you efficiently and cost effectively.

We’ll go the whole nine yards for your yard. Call us for an obligation free quote today!

Fantastic work done on my front yard, I’m so happy with the finished job, Thank you so much.

Cindy Stevenson

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